SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES is the Theme for 2021/22.
What heartbreak!   A snap lockdown was announced on Saturday and we had to shut down the Botanical Bazaar. The friendliness and the happy vibe from everyone at the event was truly wonderful. After the devastating news was delivered there was an air of disbelief but everyone got to the task of packing up.
I went home with such a heavy heart and feeling so sad for the huge number of hours that went into the planning and organisational of this event by the committee.

For the time and effort by many volunteers to decorate and theme the site. So this edition is to celebrate the commitment, blood, sweat and laughter that went into our Botanical Bazaar 2021. Like the phoenix we shall return and reconvene one of the GC's most loved events and what we think will become one of our club's signature events.  Just a heads up: t
he committee is regrouping and are in talks about when it can be held again.
Looking forward to seeing you all in person soon.