At our meeting last Thursday, we had the pleasure of learning more about one of our most long-serving and dedicated club members.    Kathy Hogan volunteers her time on our Board as Director of Club Service, as well as overseeing the running of our Rotary Village. We are so lucky to have her support and efforts!
Here are a few things we learnt about Kathy:
Kathy moved to Australia when she was four and a half years old, and up until the age of 12, she lived in Tasmania. The family then moved to Adelaide, where Kathy grew up, got married, had her children and worked as a Human Resources Manager in a bank.
Whilst in Adelaide and at the age of 18 years old, Kathy was in a rock opera...perhaps we should get her to perform some of the show for us at our next meeting??
Kathy moved to the sunny Gold Coast 23 years ago and not long after, a new work colleague invited her to visit the local Rotary club. Kathy did not like that first meeting one little bit! It left her wondering if Rotary was really for her...
After visiting a few more clubs, Kathy was finally persuaded to join Rotary. And we are so glad that she did!
Kathy has now been in Rotary for over 20 years and has been President three times. She's been an active board member for most years and absolutely loves contributing to the community through the many positive activities that Rotary undertakes. 
Her active commitment, dedication and contribution to Rotary is outstanding. So thank you, Kathy, for all your hard work!