Keith Abraham has spent the last 25 years researching, training and working with people to help them find their passion, harness their passion and turn their passion into personal and professional capital. In fact, Keith Abraham has personally assisted individuals and companies alike create over 10 million goals… inspiring businesses and people around the world to live more passionately.

He has written three best selling books including Living Your Passion, and co-authored three others. He is founder of the Passionate Tribe online community and his weekly BLOG has over 4,500 subscribers. Keith has travelled the world working with over 265 companies across 20 different industry groups, across four continents globally and speaks at over 80 conferences globally each year and has just been awarded the National Speakers Association of Australia honour—Keynote Speaker of the Year!

Through dedicated research and work he’s managed to unlock the secrets to creating and maintaining ‘passion’ and to share these insights, ideas, information and inspiration on his website.