The Heart of Australia Awards provide employers with the opportunity through Rotary to recognise and acknowledge the efforts and contributions of an employee or volunteer who consistently achieves an overall high personal standard and work performance. 
The recipient is recognised at an Awards Event on Australia Day where the employer would ideally organise a table of other staff and the recipient’s family. 
Your reason for nominating the employee must be clear and will be read out which is why we encourage you to let the awardee know so they can invite friends and family to celebrate. Gold Coast Rotary will cover the cost of meal for the awardee with the expectation that everyone else will pay for their own dinner and drinks. There will be a cash bar.
Rotarians may also like to nominate a person who they feel meets the requirements of the award. If you would like to recognize someone, contact their employer and explain that you wish to nominate a staff member and it is usual that other staff and the employer attend the awards event. 
 Award Guidelines 
  1. The nomination outlines what and how the employee / volunteer has contributed to the organisation. 
  2. This is an opportunity for an employer (or manager) to recognise any aspect of work performance an employee might make eg work ethic, quality of work, output, safety initiative, innovation, responsibility etc 
  3. The event is not a competition and there are no “winners” in the strict sense of the word. It is anticipated that normally there would be only one awardee from an organisation. However, a large company may nominate a person from more than one section of the business. 
  4. This is about acknowledging and recognising an employee or community volunteer whose work performance and vocational excellence are consistently of a high standard. 
  5. It is important that the awardee is seen as being a worthy recipient in the eyes of his/her peers. 
  6. The Award is about recognising individual achievement and helping local businesses and volunteer organisations to promote stronger relationships with their team and the wider community. 
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2022 Awards

Staged with Support of National Australia Day Committee.
26 January 2022 at The Glasshouse
3128 Surfers Paradise Boulevard
Surfers Paradise, Q4217

Previous Events

2021Covid Safe Event in Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens

Wonderful Welcome to Country by Aunty Betty and Didgeridoo Performance by Craig Kemp

2022 at the Glasshouse - read report of event


Recognise Someone

We all know an employee or community volunteer who gives selflessly 
to assist others in the community.
Watch for 2023 call for Nominations