Gold Coast
Southport Golf Club
Slatyer Ave
Southport, QLD  4215

"At NevHouse, we create pre-fabricated homes, school class rooms, medical clinics and other community structures from recycled materials. NevHouse is not a product - it's a holistic solution that delivers light, shelter, clean water and sanitation to those who need it the most."

Nev Hyman is an internationally recognised member of the surfing community, having established two of the best known and most successful surfboard brands in the world: Nev Future Shapes and recently Firewire Surfboards. He turned his attention to the housing industry in 2009 with a vision to use recyclable materials to build low cost rapidly deployable homes. When Nev is not surfing, you'll find him talking to government ministers, community leaders and pension funds. He has a heart for the people, a global solution and the resolve to make a difference in this world.