Gold Coast
Macintosh Island Park
Main Beach, QLD  4217

Gold Coast Rotary is staging a major community event on 4 August 2019 in conjunction with Surfers Sunrise Rotary Club .

Charity Team Challenge

Charity - First and foremost, the Gold Coast Ramble is staged to assist charities to raise much needed funds.  The Salvation Army and Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia are our 1st 2 charities and participants will be invited to support one or more of the nominated charities. The incentive being that each donation will earn additional event points – every $10 donation gains the team an additional point up to a maximum of 100 points ($1,000 team sponsorship).

Team – The Gold Coast Ramble is a fun team event.  This is a team event with a captain and between one and five additional team members. The more team members, the more brains they'll have to utilise when solving challenges!  Also, we've found the more people in the team the more fun the whole team has!  The event appeals to corporate, family and friendship teams.

Challenge - The Gold Coast Ramble can best be described as a car rally / treasure hunt on foot or public transport, with teams of costumed participants exploring the parks, malls and streets of the Main beach and Surfers Paradise in 2020. The challenges being to solve clues to locate 30 to 40 checkpoints. At each checkpoint, the team use the Gold Coast Ramble App to receive a challenge to complete. A range of attractive prizes provide encouragement.

It is primarily a fun community event but with an element of competition that enthuses and motivates teams to spend the entire 3 allocated hours, finding as many checkpoints as possible.  Random draw and best costume prizes reward participation.  For the more competitive, completion of all checkpoint challenges in the allotted time involves strategy and teamwork.  With 20% of available points linked to donations, team sponsorship becomes another challenge.