Contact: Sue Geelan
Gold Coast
Southport Golf Club
Slatyer Ave
Southport, QLD 4215
GILMOUR SPACE is on our doorstep. They are a venture-backed Australian rocket company developing new capabilities for launching small satellites to space.
Founded by two brothers in 2013, this Queensland startup is now one of Australia's leading space companies pioneering new and innovative hybrid propulsion technologies that will offer lower cost access to space.
JAMES GILMOUR is the Co-Founder & Head of Launch Operations
15 years in business development driving Gilmour's engagement with government, academia and industry. Now heading launch site operations.
Active member & advisor at the SIAA, NSSA & QSF.
Bookings on Trybooking are now open and will close Sunday 28 February 2021 at 9.00pm.  Please use the following link to book: