Contact: Sue Foskett
Gold Coast
Southport Golf Club
Slatyer Ave
Southport, QLD  4215

A state-of-the-art prostate cancer machine is helping to save the lives of Gold Coast men. 

The $300,000 Atemis is the only one of its kind in Australian and is being used to diagnose and treat prostate cancer patients at Pindara Private Hospital.

The machine fuses ultrasound and MRI scans to give a more precise image of the cancer.

Dr Charles Chabert, director of The Prostate Clinic and Laparoscopic Urology Australia, said the machine had already helped to diagnose 100 Gold Coast men.

“The issue with ultrasound alone is it doesn’t pick up legions or spots so we pair up the ultra sound with previously obtained MRI scans and integrate it and can diagnose much more accurately,” he said. 
“There is much less risk than a traditional biopsy and that’s the big advantage to this machine, it is much less invasive and that reduces risks like infections.

“It also allows us to better determine the stage of cancer so men aren’t given unnecessary invasive treatments if they don’t require it. Some prostate legions and growths simply need to be monitored rather than go to drastic measures of surgery, and this machine allows us to see this better.