Presidents Message
After missing another meeting due to Covid lockdown I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone at this Thursday's meeting and to hearing from Assistant Professor David Richards.
A few weeks ago I put the call out to club members with high pressure cleaners to clean the concrete around the Rotary Village. There are two driveways, one is huge, a wall across the back raised garden and there are concrete paths all around the property.  It is a big job to clean it all.
I am so grateful to John and Nev Davis, John’s son, Edward Klimkowitz, Rob Ffrench, Greg Bowler and David Geelan.  They arrived 8:30am with their Karchers and other high-pressure cleaners.  There was a bit of discussion about size but hands down Eddie won with the big commercial size high pressure cleaner that he bought along. It would have been almost impossible to get the job done on the driveways without that machine. We were on site for close to 6 hours which is quite an undertaking. While the men were cleaning the concrete I did a property inspection in all units, organised lunch and generally tried to help out where I could. Vivienne picked up the lunch I had ordered and helped me hang the new curtains in the unit I am getting ready for the new tenant.
I have to say I was extremely tired by the time we left and I can only imagine how tired the men were. My thanks to you all for giving up your Saturday to get this job done. Special mention and thanks to the wonderful Lindy Dupree who turned up to see if she could help. Unfortunately, without a high-pressure cleaner there wasn’t really anything for her to do.
See you on Thursday at our Club meeting.
Guest Speaker - 19 August
We are very pleased to have Assistant Professor David Richards be our clubs guest speaker at our next meeting to be held on Thursday, 19 August. 
David obtained an Honors degree in Immunology and Human Genetics and qualified as a doctor in 1984. He spent 6 years working in Gloucestershire, as a GP in Stroud and as an anaesthetist before emigrating to Australia in 1991.
In 1994 he established Merridown Family Surgery where he remained practice principal until 4 years ago.
Has been an Assistant Professor at Bond University Faculty of Medicine for 16 years, examining students and helping with aspects of course setting.
Current concerns surround the rising burden of mental health in Australia and it’s impact on family life in Australia. 
Vocational Awards, May 2022
The Vocational Awards to be held in May, 2022 have taken a step forward....after much consideration a new name for these awards has been voted on.
Welcome to the Heart of Gold Awards. 
The name clearly defines that this is not another standard industry award, but rather something that is awarded to someone special, who approaches their career in a special manner – someone who goes that additional mile.  This distinction is very important when approaching sponsors. 
A full proposal is being drawn up which will then allow sponsors in a variety of areas to be approached.
Where possible an “ornament” type trophy will be sought, in the hope that it will be displayed, adding an additional dimension to the awards.  If any member has a sponsor that could be approached, or contacts in the media, please can you e-mail an introduction to
Botanical Bazaar 2021
Perfect weather forecast for the weekend and everything was in place for the best ever Botanical Bazaar.  Months of preparation had culminated on Saturday 31 July with: 
  • Over 80 exhibitors and community groups on site finalising their displays
  • 16 food vendors fully stocked and ready to serve
  • The site decorated over 2 days by volunteer labour
  • Over 2000 tickets pre - sold and cars queued at gate
  • Australian Volunteer Coastguard volunteers on site with parking areas marked out
  • Nerang Community gardeners ready to show off their hard work
  • Local performers booked for a weekend of entertainment
  • Celebrity gardening and sustainability speakers ready to deliver a wealth of education
  • A wonderful kid’s program planned
Then at about 1015, we received the news that the Acting Premier had ordered a snap lockdown of 11 LGAs to manage a Covid outbreak in Brisbane.  Given only 6 hours for our exhibitors to bump-out and get to their homes by 4pm, there was only one option - Shutdown the event and suffer the losses involved.  Our volunteers and the exhibitors then spent several hours dismantling what they had just created - heartbreaking!
Gold Coast Rotary has refunded all ticket sales, site booking fees for exhibitors and food vendors and hope that a Division 5 Community Grant will cover our committed expenditures. Nothing will recover the over 1000 volunteer hours spent organising the event.  Exhibitors have estimated that they lost between $200,000 and $350,000 sales and our club’s funds to support community causes has been reduced by over $60,000.
On a positive, we have received so many wonderful encouraging messages and commendations on our team, set up, vibe and event. What a great event we have and one that will continue to grow, engage our club members and be profitable.  I have to say the committee that has evolved in such a short timeframe is more than commendable and whilst devastated we have not lost hope and will be back with enthusiasm again next time.
  • The whole venue looked fantastic, it was very well organised and I look forward to next year.
  • We were humbled by the support of organisers. Right from when the lockdown was announced.
  • I just wanted to thank you for your transparency and promptness.  It is a really unlucky situation, I'll try to bring more people to your event next time it comes around. 
Member Behind the Badge
Vanessa Glowaski
Where were you born? In a Van in Paddington NSW outside the Cricket Grounds
Why did you join Rotary? To give back to the community and to get involved in projects I enjoy
How long have you been on the Gold Coast? 7 years
About your family Married to Darren Glowaski (another member of rotary) we have two boys (5, 2) and two girls (15, 13)
Do you have any pets? We own a Border Collie X Kelpie (10) and a Turtle
What do you currently do for work or used to do? We own a Pest Control Company that we run ourselves on the gold coast.
When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? The first job I ever wanted to do was Marine Biology or a Vet, then as I got older I knew I wanted to own a business of some kind, just didn’t know what industry it would be in.

Community Update
We are continuing to support the microwave program for Rize-Up. We have provided another 6 months of Microwaves for the charity which should take us through to January 2022. Please keep an eye out for club runner email for a request for volunteers to do another Rize-Up house in the next couple of weeks.
Contact has been made to support Gold Coast Youth Service. This service supports young people that are homeless from a variety of reasons and are either living on the street or couch surfing on the Gold Coast. The service partners with the QLD government, drug and alcohol services and other charities working in this area including Orange Sky.
Recently they have acquired houses for temporary accommodation for youth to live in whilst they engage in training and living skills programs including TAFE courses. At the moment they would appreciate donations of age appropriate clothing for youth aged between 15-25 years of age and any donations to put towards welfare packs (hygiene packs) of new clean underwear and socks. Please watch this space for continuing contributions to assist in Youth Homelessness.
Grant Updates
Board members are currently putting proposals together for consideration, voting  and submission for the following two (2) Grants:-
The Rotary Club of Balwyn is offering grants between $10,000 and $50,000 to Rotary Clubs across Australia as its centenary project to fund community projects.
The funding comes from the Club’s earnings from operating the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market.
The second Grant is from the Gold Coast City Council which is offering grants ranging from $250 up to $10,000. As with the Grants on offer within Rotary, these funds are also to help fund community projects. 
We aim to keep you updated on the grant application process however if you have any questions in the meantime please contact your club President. 
International Update
International Team: Director Viv Mallinson, Greg Bowler, Lea Rickwood and Lindy Dupree. 
Currently we support the following projects:
  • Pentecost Island (Vanuatu) Project to build, and transport 2 medical buildings and XR system and blook auto-analysers equipment.  
  • Guatemala Water, currently on hold due to it being the west season.
  • The School of St Jude, Tanzania.  We have supported this project for a number of years.  In 2020 they educated 1,800 students and employed 290 Tanzanian staff across their three campuses.
  • Project Orange, Blindness Prevention, India.  We do not support this project financially.  Currently with COVID we have restricted knowledge on what is actually happening.  Lea Rickwood is overseeing this project.
  • International Toast at our meetings.  Lindy Dupree will retain information on the clubs that are toasted at our meetings and contact the relevant International Rotary Club informing them that they were toasted at our meeting.  At the end of the year we will have a list of the International Rotary Clubs toasted and this will become a part of our Annual Year Book.
Shekhar Mehta - Rotary International President 
Dear change-makers,

Welcome to the new Rotary year — a year when you will be called upon to Serve to Change Lives and achieve big dreams. Because of your passion for achieving great things, we will grow more and do more.

Our Action Plan, Rotary’s strategic road map, sets our course and strengthens us for the future by focusing on four priorities: increasing our impact, expanding our reach, enhancing participant engagement, and increasing our ability to adapt. This year, I am honored to move these priorities forward by leading with vision and implementing several initiatives that I believe will result in positive growth during 2021-22 and beyond.

Expanding our reach through Each One, Bring One 

Rotary is a vibrant organization that has spread to nearly 200 countries and geographical areas and has a rich legacy of fighting to end polio. Don’t you think we could have a greater impact on the world if more people were practicing Service Above Self?

Executives & Directors
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We welcome visitors to enjoy great fellowship at our club meetings and memorable fund-raising events 
Gold Coast Rotary
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