Presidents Message
There was a love happy vibe in the room at our last meeting.  Was it the lovely fun guests Assad and Lea invited the meeting? Or was it having in attendance those two members we don’t see very often Richard Flanagan and Andi Von Zeppelin? Was it the great job Sue Foskett did as Chair? Was it all the other members who were there?  For me it was all of those things including the funny Sergeant session from stand in Sergeant Greg Bowler. Good job Greg. Please keep in mind that one of your friends or business colleagues might enjoy coming along to an enjoyable evening with us.
Our guest speaker was Assistant Professor DAVID RICHARDS whose current concerns surround the rising burden of mental health in Australia and it’s impact on family life in Australia. The topic of his presentation was quite sobering and he talked about the impact of family court decisions on both men and women.  It is quite an emotive issue for many however there are a few too many statistics for this old head.  The countdown is on for David and Sue Geelan departure from the Gold Coast but we're squeezing every last moment we can get to one more trivia session out of David.
The Ken Bromley committee had a meeting immediately before the Rotary meeting to elect a new Secretary and a new Treasurer as the current position holders were unable to continue. I am pleased and thankful to Mark Urquhart for taking on the Secretary role and to Richard Flanagan for takin on the Treasurer role. I would like to say thank you to Rob Ffrench and David Bradley for their contribution to the Ken Bromley Assoc in their past positions. With everything that's going on with Covid it is impossible to organise any holidays at present but and we look forward to when we can resume the holidays for the wounded Service Personnel. 
As always, the welcome to the new President brunch in the GC Botanical Gardens was delightful. For me it's really about everyone getting together in the sunshine at the lovely location and just chatting. I would like to say a very sincere thank you to Chawki for organising the event.  He does such a great job but unfortunately, he wasn't able to be there for this one as he was called away on a mercy dash to Mackay to help his daughter-in-law. Before he left, he did call for reinforcements to help in his absence and thanks also goes to Assad, David Baguley and Mark for stepping in. Thank you for cutting up the chicken and serving Barry Lane and we can't forget Martin who as usual organised the lovely sweet treats. It was good to see Eddie after his mishap.  We missed Jill and Harry Ellis due to Jill having a cancer diagnosis. Our thoughts and love are with you both.
I'm looking forward to hearing this week's guest speaker Ben Southall who is billed as an Adventurepreneur best known for winning Tourism Queensland’s Best Job in the World to become the Caretaker of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef in 2009.  I’m also looking forward to having a chat to him about stealing my job.
Mostly I am looking forward to seeing your faces.
Guest Speaker - 16 September
Make sure you are attending this Thursday's meeting where we will be joined by a representative from Gold Coast Youth Service. 
"Operating on the Gold Coast since 1980, Gold Coast Youth Service is a not for profit, specialist youth support & homelessness organisation. We help all young people and their families in the Gold Coast Region who may be marginalised, disadvantaged or homeless.
They offer assistance in areas such as:-
  • Housing & Homelessness Support
  • Reconnecting with Family & Education
  • Living Skills Education
  • Leaving Care
  • Street Safe Spaces
  • Advocacy & Advice
  • Basic Needs

Make sure you come along to this meeting to hear more about this fantastic group that is helping our Youth on a Local Level and find out how Rotarians can also aid in their mission.
Ernie Hicks Scholarship
Great news! It's that time of year where the recipients of the Ernie Hicks Memorial Scholarship attend one of our Rotary Meetings.
This weeks meeting on Thursday 16 September, all 3 of our current students will be in attendance.
They will provide our club with an update on how their studies are going and what's been happening in their lives since we last saw them earlier this year.
The Ernie Hicks Memorial Scholarships was set up in honour of a past member of our club, Ernie Hicks. 
It is designed to reward and support a student who has just graduated from High School and has been accepted to enter their first year of University on a full time basis all the while having overcome a personal adversity. 
This scholarship runs over a period of 3 years and during that time the students visit our club twice a year. It's always a favourite for our members and we hope to see you all there on the night. 
Barefoot Bowls - Thursday 21 October
Our next Celebration and Vocational Event is happening on Thursday, 21 October at Broadbeach Bowls Club. The fun will kick off at 5.30pm, about the same time you will be kicking off your shoes! 
The night will start with a friendly and let's face it, competitive game of Barefoot Lawn Bowls followed by dinner and drinks. 
There is no charge for the bowling and you simply pay for your own food and drinks on the night. 
Final numbers for this fun filled evening are required by no later than Monday 18 October. 
Please email Marion directly to confirm your attendance by this date at 
This event will be in place of our normal club meeting due to be held that night and as always, invited guests and partners are welcome to come along and join in the fun on the night. If you've been thinking of bringing someone along to a meeting what better time to do so! 
Member Behind the Badge
Peta Wolff
Where were you born? 
Corinda Hospital in Brisbane
Why did you join Rotary? 
 I was very generously invited to become a member after working with the incredible Botanical Bazaar team for 3 years now … and only one actual event :) 2022 is going to be our year!
How long have you been on the Gold Coast?
I moved here from Brisbane in 2011 … so have clocked up 10 wonderful years.
About your family
I live with my partner (Andrew Foskett!) and our 2 doggies.
Do you have any pets?
Yes … who wouldn’t?  Cindy is our 7 year old Australian Sheppard/Cattle x … and Wally – our 8 month old staffy puppy … who is slowly chewing his way through our shoe rack.
What do you currently do for work or used to do?
I’ve been running my own business for over 7 years now – I’ve Got Time for That.  I’m a self-employed, remote Executive Assistant providing high quality administrative support to leaders who are accelerating their own successful small and medium sized businesses.
When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A vet – then my mum told me that I’d sometimes have to put animals down and that was the end of that.
Do you have a hidden skill or talent that not many people know about? 
Yes – but it’s hidden!
Polio - We are Winning the Battle

Rotary joined its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) to mark the first anniversary of a historic public health milestone: the World Health Organization’s African region being certified free of wild polio.

The anniversary was celebrated on 25 August during a WHO Regional Committee for Africa meeting, which also addressed current challenges to eradicating polio and new tactics to achieve a polio-free world.

Africa’s milestone has already benefited children’s health and public health across the continent.

The infrastructure and innovations that helped the African region become free of wild polio are playing an important role in the COVID-19 pandemic response and are available to use in future public health emergencies. Polio workers also now conduct other routine immunizations, deliver medicines, and provide other health care services.

The achievement in Africa is the result of a decades-long effort by millions of Rotary members, health workers, government officials, religious leaders, and parents.

Since 1996, when wild polio paralyzed an estimated 75,000 children across Africa, health workers have administered more than 9 billion doses of oral vaccine, preventing 1.8 million wild polio cases.

Rotary members have contributed nearly $920 million toward eradicating the virus in the region, advocated for support from their governments, mobilized communities around National Immunization Days, and conducted events to raise funds and public awareness.

Five of the WHO’s six regions, representing more than 90% of the world’s population, are now free of the wild poliovirus.

The School of St Jude
Gold Coast Rotary is a long time supporter of St Jude's School in Tanzania. We love helping this wonderful organisation and even more so, we love to receive updates from them such as the below. 
Dear Viv and all at Rotary Club of Gold Coast,
The role of any school is to nurture its students, but of course, each school goes about this important task differently. At The School of Jude, we’re nurturing future leaders who are ready to lead with Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Kindness.
In this month’s newsletter, read about the many ways in which we nurture leadership…
As always, my thoughts are with those of you who are facing lockdowns and their accompanying challenges. So, why not follow us on Facebook or Instagram, where we’re always posting good news stories from around the school?
Stay well,
Getting the most of your Rotary Membership

1. Find the projects that float your boat

Rotary is full of the most amazing projects - from building playgrounds, to mentoring young people, to providing clean water in remote villages and saving the world’s children from polio. Find the project that floats your boat and get involved. Help others get involved too.

2. Say ‘Yes’

Rotary is like so many things; the more you put in, the more you get out in return. Saying ‘Yes’ opens so many opportunities, not only to giving back to your community, but also to developing your confidence, your speaking skills, your project management and leadership skills, making friends and associates for life. I know you’re busy – but in Rotary, good things happen to those who say ‘Yes’.

3. Share your ideas

No matter how long we’ve been part of Rotary, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas for service, new ways to communicate our impact, new strategies for growth. Share your ideas with other members; bring your experience to the fore and make a difference in your club. Strengthening Rotary is everyone’s responsibility.

International Literacy Day 
International Literacy Day falls on Wednesday
8 September, 2021.
Education is a vital and important resource that every person is entitled to have. 
The ability to read and write is a powerful tool that can help to provide the basis of an independent, successful and self sufficient life. 
Knowledge is power and can help to shape and change the direction of lives in countless ways.  
At a time when educators face extraordinary challenges in meeting the changing needs of their students, it's especially important to support their efforts.
Rotary supports education of everyone regardless of race, religion, location and background. 
Each year our club makes a substantial donation to the Rotary Foundation to assist in causes such as this one. You can take pride in the fundraising efforts that you are a part of which assist this great cause and many others.
If you have any questions 
please contact the Club's Foundation Chair, Melissa Neilsen. 
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