We live in a cashless society even more so these days which is totally understandable but this is taking away from our fun and it must stop! laugh
With the re-introduction of the Sergeant-at-Arms at our meetings, the ability to fine members and collect those fines is unfortunately hampered by our lack of cash on hand. 
It's all in the name of fun and the money is going to a great cause; Rotary!

So we are putting the call out to all members; raid your piggy banks, cash in some notes, do what is necessary to arrive with coins on the night! Let's make this part of our meeting more fun and interactive for everyone.
These coins will also come in handy for you if you wish to purchase extra raffle tickets at the door. As you know, everyone gets one ticket to go in the draw to win a bottle of wine and your chance to take home the Jackpot money. To increase your chances of winning and bump up the Jackpot amount, you now have the option to purchase extra tickets, one for $2 or 3 for $5.
Please note however the chances of getting change at the front desk are slim to none (in light of our cashless society) so please make sure you have the correct amount for your required purchase. 
We now have 2 fantastic reasons to bring coins on the night, can't wait to see you all there!