Greetings fellow Rotarians! Unfortunately I was not in attendance at last week's meeting due to the dreaded annual cold making it's rounds at my home and I was disappointed not to be in attendance to hear from two very inspiring ladies, the Co-Founders of Manasprings in Kenya, Carey Westwood and Wanjiru (Chiro) Waithaka.
It's always amazing to see and learn about the work that goes on across so many different areas and places and to have the opportunity to meet the driving forces behind these multitude of projects that have such a huge impact on those that they come into contact with.
Next week's meeting, Thursday 03 June is a home grown event where we will have 2 Member's doing a Member Behind the Badge. Come along and learn more about the members of your amazing club as we hear from our most newest member Lindy Dupree and our current Youth Chair, Assad Sarroff.  
Until next time, please take care and if you need anything at all please feel free to contact me via phone on 0433 069 174 or email