Greetings fellow Rotarians! We're now on the other side of the Easter break. I do hope that everyone had a lovely break and were able to spend that time with loved ones.
A huge thank you to all of those members who came out last Thursday night for another great night of fellowship. It was a 'home grown' evening with Viv Mallinson and Edward Klimowicz giving us an insight into their very interesting lives through Member Behind the Badge. 
This was followed up by Kate Kimmorley and Glenn Wran providing a very detailed overview of our club's next event, the Botanical Bazaar. Remember to keep an eye out for the package information that Glenn will be sending out via email, and please help out in any way you can.  
Our next club meeting is at the Southport Golf Club on Thursday 06 May and this will be a very special evening, where we will have our Griffith University Students in attendance. This is always a club favourite as the students share their experiences, and provide us with an update on their studies. Make sure you RSVP to this meeting ASAP to avoid missing out on this inspirational evening. 

Until next time, please take care and if you need anything at all please feel free to contact me via phone on 0433 069 174 or email