It's no secret our club has enjoyed a healthy growth of members over the last 24 months. It's also no secret that a high proportion of new members leave their club within the first 2 to 3yrs. There have been many surveys done in the past to determine the reasons behind this of which there are many, including member expectations not being met.

Normally when a new member joins Rotary they are assigned a Mentor to help guide them through the introduction to the club and to help them find their feet. Up until now, this has been a role carried out by most members of the club as they are appointed as a mentor to new members as they come in.

The new Mentor Program is aiming to form a group of members whose sole responsibility is to Mentor new members. The idea behind this is to create a team who specialise in helping to identify the reason/s that member has joined our club, what they are hoping to achieve from being a member and to provide them with the support to help them achieve that.  

Presently we are looking at not just new members that join our club but also looking back over members that have joined our club in the last 18 months, and assigning them to the Mentors in the new team. By doing this, we are helping members to feel part of the club and give them the opportunity to learn about and become engaged in the area/s of the club they feel passionate about, all with the support of someone dedicated to mentoring. 

Each of us has special skills and talents, and I'm looking for people that have the desire to help others in the club meet and reach their potential. If you would like to be part of this fantastic new group of people that will be fundamental in helping to ensure the ongoing success of our club, Luciane and I would love to hear from you.

You don't have to be a long term member of the club to put your hand up for this role - you could be a brand new member with a passion to help, learn more about the club and then pass this on to other new members. There is no minimum time frame you have to have been a member of the club to do this role, as we will teach you everything you need to know about this great way to get involved in the club! 

This group sits under Membership, though you will be working with your own set of guidelines and information we have designed and put together to help make this role as easy as possible for you and those in your team to undertake.  

For more information please contact Luciane at or myself at