The Rotary Clubs of Gold Coast and Broadbeach funded the transport of computers to needy schools in Fiji.  These computers, donated by QUT's School of Business were installed by QUT Alumni in Fuji and set up by a student group traveliing to Fiji.
QUT Computers installed in Fijian SchoolsComputers being set up at Sabeto Central School.
Vinesh from Faculty of Education is installing the programs with the assistance of the two SEF students. F&TV students are filming this and teachers learning how to install.

The room was setup to QUT suggested specifications and electrical work and delivery of computers by QUT Alumni in Fiji.

These are the QUT School of Business computers for which the Rotary Clubs of Gold Coast and Broadbeach paid the freight.
A team of 17 students and staff from QUT travelled to Sabeto from Brisbane to undertake the Project. Through finding savings where we could; all members accepting basic living costs; part self-funding by a group of Film and TV students from Creative Industries; support from Outward Bound Mobility and a successful PDP application, we have been able to expand the opportunities for students and staff. The group now consists of 4 staff members from Education, Creative Industries and International Student Services, one AusAID Fijian Student, 2 students each from Education, SEF and CI (Fashion Design) and six CI Film and TV students.

The programs in the school will involve all year levels in two schools and then a combined open day where parents, Ministry of Education representatives and the community will be invited to see the work of the students; after school hours training for teachers and community members in use of computers; documentation of traditions and stories of the people of the village with the aim of preserving these for future generations; children's stories and women working on new products in fashion design.

24 computers donated by the School of Business were packed by volunteer students from Brisbane State High School and sent to Fiji with the financial support of the Rotary Clubs of Gold Coast and Broadbeach. QUT Fiji Alumni have collected these and they are currently being placed in specially rebuilt and reconfigured computer rooms in the Sabeto District School and Sabeto Central School. Faculties of Education and CI have loaned equipment for the project which will be used and return with the students. Janome have provided some second hand sewing machines and students have sourced others which will be left with the Village. Staff and Volunteers have provided valuable assistance and support.  The F&TV students have a special role in documenting the whole process and all students have embraced the idea of journaling their experience of this great cross-cultural and cross-discipline learning opportunity.  Ethical clearances and permissions related to the project are in place.

While in Fiji, the team will have have the opportunity of meeting with QUT Fiji Alumni through a get-together supported by the QUT Alumni Office; visit other villages and cultural places of interest including churches, mosques and temples; travel to other part of the main island of Viti Levu and meet lots of locals through the project.