1.  Rizeup Home Project
John Davis has forwarded the message below from a recent recipient of a home furnished by Rizeup.  I am sure you will be moved.
Dear Rizeup staff,
I really have no words to say and thank you from the bottom of my heart doesn't come close to how much what you have done for me and my child really means to us. My son couldn't stop saying " I'm so happy, I'm so excited, this is the best what they have done for us mum!" I heard this many times in our first night here.
Honestly when I walked in and saw what you have done for us, I felt that everything is going to be ok, that I haven't epically failed as a parent and I truly feel we will be ok. You guys have made my child feel we are going to be ok and that means more than I can ever explain as a mother.
From me and my son we both thank you FOREVER, now we feel like we really will be ok in life!!!!
Thank you kindly
2.  St Judes Tanzania