These comments on our Facebook page sum up a fantastic event:
Was the best day of the year for me so far! A truly wonderful and community connecting day filled with tonnes of valuable information we should all be seeking to strive toward for a healthier planet. I picked up some great tips and ideas to use less plastic in my life. My daughter picked up some gorgeous plants and my son received some free trees to plant. Thank you everyone.
I could not have said that better myself. What I loved the most was of course the 'nature of it, all natural' but definitely the traditions. outside those gates its back to normal but there it was very special few hours thank you all so very much.
Had an amazing day yesterday, great information Great stalls, good food and great music, such a lovely relaxing day😀
This event was fantastic! My friend and I arrived at 9am and stayed until 2pm, so much to see and do. Highly recommend going if you want a mix of very reasonably priced plants, great music, interesting talks and a wide variety of stalls! Will be back in 2020 for sure!
The Rotary International Theme for 2019-20 is Rotary Connects the World.  Gold Coast Rotary’s Botanical Bazaar embodied that theme on many levels – 
  • we connected with over 75 local exhibitors, allowing them to showcase and sell their products; 
  • we connected with a number of not-for-profit organisations, allowing them to educate the wider community about their causes; 
  • we connected with 15 food and beverage vendors providing a captive market of hungry and thirsty festival goers; 
  • we connected with over 3,500 patrons coming through our gates to be educated by an impressive line-up of speakers and entertained in a relaxed and natural environment;
  • we connected with gardeners, finding a wonderful array of plants and garden products at reasonable prices all in one place;
  • we connected with and provided plenty of free activities for kids, including a never to be forgotten interaction with Costa Georgiadis;
  • we connected with the local community gardeners, allowing them to showcase their wonderful market garden;
  • we connected with the volunteer Coast Guard Gold Coast, providing them with the opportunity to raise much needed funds and ensure site parking was well managed;
  • we connected with over 50 volunteers, including more than half our club, Nerang Rotary Club and a few members of the new Gold Coast Passport Rotary Club;
  • we connected with environmental sustainability by working with the new wastage system Greg and the Eco Angels from Climate Wave Enterprises implemented at this year's festival providing a stellar 92.59% diversion from landfill!
Blessed with wonderful weather and an event full of happy people, what better way to fundraise for worthy causes.  Special thanks to Event Director Stacey, our main supporter Councillor Peter Young and, of course generous, in-kind support from members Eddie and Andy.  Approximately $32,000 will be available to invest in the event for future years and support local worthy causes.
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